23 October 2008

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15 October 2008



Hey Everybody,

In a few hours, Madonna and film screenwriter.director Guy Ritchie will be calling it quits, divorcing after all the rumors are true. My plan of attack has finally met it’s day, and a divorce means I can finally get in there. So, as the news trickles down, I will use this time to pack my bags and see if I can finally get my chance. No no no, I don’t care about Madonna, sure she looks fit and still sings “Lucky Star” when she tours, but it’s Ritchie I need to speak to.
To think of talking to Ritchie while married to Madonna was a “no no”, I could never say “Guy, between you and I, this woman is bringing you down as a creative thinker.” It would be as pointless as you persuading your friend away from his succubus. It never flies, and you two are no longer friends, then when she leaves him and he’s got nothing, he calls you, and blah blah blah. Percy Sledge sang it best in “When A Man Loves A Woman”, sure it’s cliché and I’ll not be quoting the song. But, GUY, call me! I’m still here.
Now now, I know some of you are saying “who gives a shit about Guy Ritchie as a director?” I DO! This man showed some huge potential with “Lock, Stock…” and “Snatch”, and then he meets Madonna and promises “I’ll never put her in one of my films”, and the next film on his roster was the MASSIVE BOMB “Swept Away”, with newlywed Madonna. But, here’s why I give a shit…
This isn’t me saying Guy Ritchie was to be the next Paul Thomas Anderson, a young and a brilliant creative writer/director. Would Guy Ritchie EVER make a “There Will Be Blood?” Probably not. BUT! When Guy Ritchie is able to put his name on the map for “gangster” film as John Carpenter does to “horror”, we need to talk. Sure you can branch out, listen to our PODCAST this week…”Jumping Genres” helps from time to time. But not when you USE YOUR WIFE as a “muse” as you liked calling her…it’s Madonna, Guy, we have our own thoughts of her. As if she would have it any other way.
Sure, Ritchie may be back with his latest film “RockNRolla” and let’s see what critics say to boost this man’s ego and film making. But, can he keep it up after a decade of making a film with an impact. “Revolver” you say? Let’s put this man’s last ten years to rest and see what happens, I think we see “The Thing” or “In The Mouth Of Madness” forming for Ritchie.

Good luck!




09 October 2008

MSNBC and Indie Filmmaker Justin Dillon and Call + Response

What’s better than enjoying your “Morning Joe” (MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Morning Show…see how they got the name, aren’t they clever?) with coffee? With indie filmmaker and musician Justin Dillon presenting his debut documentary (rockumentary, actually) “Call + Response” with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff.
Call and Response, a daring doc coming out nationwide tomorrow. C+R tackles human trafficking and how it’s the largest moneymaker in the world. There are more slaves in the world now, than there has EVER has been before. Can you imagine the money that Starbucks, Nike and Google make combined? Well, Slave Traders makes more than that…combined!
C+R features music from Cold War Kids, Moby, Matisyahu, Imogen Heap, Talib Kweli, etc. Call and Response has an impressive list of cities on it’s opening weekend, but we can still have the film play out more. Watch the trailer, but also check out the site. www.callandresponse.com.

15 September 2008

KEVIN SMITH'S Q&A (ranting) at the Independent Film Week

So, some of you keep asking through the last year, “Do you think Kevin Smith saw There Will Be Blood?” My answer was always “I couldn’t give two shits to be honest”, but in a nicer manner. Then, some of you may not know the war Kevin Smith started with writer/director PT Anderson. Grab some hot cocoa, put a log on the fire, and read up.
Kevin hated “Magnolia” and the world was forced to care, through “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” Long story short. That’s about it.
Last night at the Independent Film Week in Chelsea, Manhattan, Kevin Smith was to speak to the indie filmmakers and us Industry folk about 15 years after “Clerks” and him screening at their IFP Market. Well, he briefly mentioned it, but did his usual Q&A (same questions same answers, but this time he had Zack and Miri to promote). After an hour and forty five minutes, there was room for one more question. I spoke up. I asked the famous “What did you think of There Will be Blood, and is the bullshit between you and Paul Thomas Anderson over?”
He went on this 5 minute explanation about Magnolia, and it was shit, then Punch Drunk Love and that was shit, then explain meeting Paul at the doctors office and realizing, “he was a stand up guy.” He went on to mention “Jay and Silent Bob…” and how that movie could be very self-indulgent (sure) and that in the long run…”There Will Be Blood should have won the Academy Award last year! Thanks! Goodnight!”
There ya go friends, I asked for ya, and there’s your answer. PT 2; KS 0. Off to party it up! I can’t wait to blog about the films and filmmakers I am meeting. But really quick, a shout out to Nashville Film Festival and Mandy McBroom. It’s always nice to meet amazing people on the festival circuit.

18 August 2008

BYS adds another contributor...FROM THE VAULTS this week: Midnight Meat Train


BYS is always looking for experienced journalists or bloggers who love their indie films, but most of all in our very picky and critical passion...where do we start? We have some in mind, but we're looking for people who like to have great cuban food on our bill...it's not as easy as it seems.
Well, we had to look no further than local pop culture expert and always brutally honest author Liz Langley to share a great cuban sandwich and hot sauce with. We have followed her blog for a few months now, but it's her recent review of Midnight Meat Train that reeled us in. We know that Midnight Meat Train maybe playing a theater or two still, but her review was PERFECT! A must read. So good, in fact, wait til you read next weeks From The Vaults when we go into some steamy sex cinema from the 1979 (oh Penthouse Films, how did you only make one picture?), and from there we tackle controversial documentaries from the late '60's. GOOD TIMES!
But for now...PLEASE read this excellent writers blog, subscribe, and welcome Liz to our staff of writers. Liz has her hands full, and we're extremely honored that we fit like a glove.

Liz Langley's Blog:
Alice The Goon


05 August 2008

TRIP TO NYC...MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES (Gonzo, Baghead, Man On Wire)


It was great to see all of you in NYC and I was finally allowed to play some catch up on some films I NEEDED to see. I was already able to catch In Search Of A Midnight Kiss, Tell No One and Kabluey at film festivals and American Teen or The Wackness I will see next week when it hits theaters at home.
So, 3 movies in 3 days? Which ones would you see? I HAD to go to Landmark Sunshine, Angelika and I guess I will head to the Lincoln Center, so I did.
If you have been reading the blog, then you know I had to go to Landmark and see Baghead. Vanessa and I could be the press packet for the Duplass Brothers. I am VERY proud of the Duplass’ and Baghead is amazing, for what it is. It's wildly funny to see them poke fun at a genre in film festivals that they may have created. Congrats guys!
Then off to head RIGHT down the street on Houston, the Angelika to meet with my friends Chuck and Ellen. What’s great is Chuck lives right down the street from me here in Florida, and I see one film in New York, one more I had seen with him in Orlando all year. Weird. Gonzo is a must! This documentary on Hunter S. Thompson, told mostly by well, the man himself…Hunter S. Thompson (from amazing older stock footage). Dives deep and very very thought provoking.
Then, next day, Lincoln Center to see Man On Wire…YES! Pretty incredible. One man, one wire, equals Twin Towers. Nail biting in every minute, and the outcome extremely satisfying. This will be around in cities near you, for sure. Take the family.

Well, three movies is catch up? What? I know…it’s a midnight snack for me, but at least I was able to get some cool air from the NYC heat. To be honest…I HAD to catch Liverpool destroy Rangers Saturday morning, so the double feature was off. Amazing times in NYC, and thanks to everyone for taking good care of BYS.
See you in Sept.


23 July 2008

L.R.W. - BAGHEAD...The Duplass Brothers and Before You Submit


“What is this Baghead all about?” or “Hey, did you see that trailer about the bag on that guys head, and scary cabin film?” is all I’m hearing for the past few weeks. YES! We all know, and this Friday, you NEED to know. Baghead is our pick for Limited Release Weds.
The Duplass Brothers have always been good to me, and the fests I work with. The connection between writer/director Jay Duplass and his lovely wife (soon to be parents) producer Jen Tracy Duplass is amazing. I was able to spend some time with them in 2004 at the Florida Film Festival. They had to cut their trip early and promised me they wouldn’t win any award for their short film, Scrabble (yes it was Scrabble then) before we had the jury pick their awards for best shorts. Actor/Writer/Brother Mark Duplass was on tour in Florida that week, with his band (at the time), Volcano, I’m Still Excited.
Well, wouldn’t you know it. They won GRAND JURY AWARD for the short and it was my duty to find Mark in Florida and get his ass to the Awards Ceremony. It was 1:00am when the films were decided, I knew Mark was 200 miles away, and I swear if it was any other short, I wouldn’t have thought twice since I was editing the awards CLIP REEL for the festival at 7am. On no sleep, and if I recall, coffee and I had yet to be introduced, so I called Mark (not expecting anything) and next morning, he promised he would make it.
Well, it worked! He drove the van down from Jacksonville, accepted the award and played Gainesville that night. Best acceptance speech ever, as he called Co-Star/Girlfriend at the time/Now wife Katie from the podium and was all smiles. CONGRATS!
Since then, we have kept in touch, Jay has given some amazing advice, and we have even done Q&A’s over cellphones and microphones because they were (and still are) taking over the world.
These guys have come to make some amazing, and some of the most honest shorts Sundance has ever had to offer. Their debut feature The Puffy Chair was accepted by so many critics, and fans for the style of filmmaking they are used to…camera (Jay), audio (Jen), actors (Mark and Katie) = FILM. They have brought some amazing talent with them through the years with the short The Intervention and then new friends and even parents in The Puffy Chair. Picked up by Roadside Attraction at Sundance, The Duplass Brothers and wives have proved this style of filmmaking (minimal budget, working with friends, and amazing ideas), works on SO MANY levels with their new “horror” film Baghead. Sony Picture Classics picked the film earlier this year at Sundance, and the film has been on EVERYONES Myspace’s, Facebooks, and now their Baghead Has A Posse style of marketing is genius. Put a bag on your head, go around, take pics of what Baghead is doing, upload and POST THEM! Try it.
I love these kids, and we at Before You Submit are EXTREMELY happy for EVERYTHING they have done. So this week’s Limited Release Weds. is for them, the fans, and everyone who is understanding how and what they are doing in filmmaking. I’m not saying grabbing a camera and friends will land you festivals, trust me, we watch DOZENS of films like this a week here at BEFORE YOU SUBMIT. But it’s the “what matters” content of these films that being accepted and that’s a start.
Thanks guys!


NEW YORK NY AMC EMPIRE 25 (Times Square)


The video for Volcano I’m Still Excited’s “In Green”
Directed by Jay Duplass

21 July 2008

The DARK KNIGHT breaks the bank, so WE HEAD TO THE VAULTS: Delicatessen (1991)


What new news can I tell you about The Dark Knight that you don’t know already. It made money… LOTS OF MONEY So, I can give my two cents on my IMAX Experience. A/A- film. UNBELIEVABLE. For Batman, you know it’s great and for a crime/police film…you know it’s amazing!!! Go see it, you know you’re going to anyway. IMAX it up too! OK! Now that we broke the bank on every level, let’s HEAD TO THE VAULT!!!!


Delicatessen - 1991’s Jean Pierre Jeunet (Amelie, City Of Lost Children) and Marc Caro (City Of Lost Children and 2008’s Dante 01), both collaborated on this award winning (and we mean AWARD winning) French classic. Set in a 1950’s post-apocalyptic rural France, an un-employed Television performing circus clown follows a classified to work as a maintenance guy for a apartment building over a Delicatessen. But little does our circus clown really know what’s going on in the building.
If you love the vibe of Amelie, a film most people know from Jeunet, you will be amazed by his work with Delicatessen. Very dark, but the subtle comedy is there, and comes along with some familiar faces. If the dark comedies and the collapse of civilization is your cup of tea: AKA Fight Club, Brazil, Dr. Strangelove then we’ll leave the whole pot for you….DRINK UP!

18 July 2008

What to expect to see before THE DARK KNIGHT?!?


Some of you are in your roped off areas that lead you to go into your theater to see The Dark Knight. I know the anticipation of seeing Ledger playing what we hear is the greatest adaptation of Joker, EVER. I have yet to watch a trailer to the film, seeing as I DON’T WATCH TRAILERS. Never. And don’t ask “how is that possible?” If you have someone with you it’s easy and you learn after seeing 3 films a week in the theater to drown it out. But, then does this blog post make ANY sense at all then?
With that anticipation of Heath Ledger and what we’re expecting to be the darkest Batman in any film series, we may be forgetting one thing. TRAILERS! Which ones are we going to see? DC have some films coming out soon. Green Hornet? JLA? Harry Potter is WB, and they need to start spreading that word soon. When the hell are we going to see thisWatchman trailer? Any predictions of the trailers we’ll see, or have you seen this movie like two thirds of all Facebook statuses I get a day.
I may have to peek a little.


17 July 2008

The Duplass Bros & Baghead in NYC Apple Store 7/18 7:00pm


I was wondering how I can persuade many of you NOT to see The Dark Knight (but all my friends have seen it, so…) on a Friday night, seeing as I have tickets for Saturday. NO FAIR! So…all of you in New York City, I have up-to-the-minute and much more superior plans for you. Plus, for most of you who are still waiting to get a 3G IPhone because of activation, don’t be a silly, get it tomorrow will you are seeing The Duplass Brothers at the Soho Apple Store. Moderated by Cinetic Media’s Matt Dentler.
For those who are subscribed to the blog, or reading this, you know who these “mumblecore” pioneers are. With their amazing, and award winning short films, The Duplass Brothers made debut feature film gold with The Puffy Chair and recently Sony Picture Classics picked up Baghead at Sundance. Baghead will have a limited release date of July 25th. Joining the boys will be Baghead stars Greta Gerwig and Ross Partridge.
This discussion will be a must to see, and get there early, since it’s a first come first seat basis. Also, don’t be afraid to raid your favorite bodega and poke some holes in that paper bag, come dressed up.
Soho Apple Store (103 Prince Street, NYC) – 7:00pm and it’s FREE!

Tell them Brian Quain sent ya. And send your pictures to info@beforeyousubmit.com

BYS is Watching

16 July 2008

L.R.W. - The Dark Knight, Transsiberian, and Mama Mia...don't ask!


As we all know, The Dark Knight launches on Thursday with thousands of midnight screenings. Most of us won’t be making it to those packed house viewings, so we all have to wait for Friday night. Then most of us who have a IMAX theater nearby, will have to wait Saturday or Sunday to see it on the exclusive IMAX since it’s sold out now for it’s opening weekend in MANY of these IMAX theaters. So…why is Mama Mia coming out on Friday? Well, if you’re an idiot and didn’t pre-purchase tickets this week, YOUR Dark Knight will be sold out, and now you’re stuck with MAMA MIA?
So, why a Mama Mia mention on a LIMITED RELEASE WEDNESDAY??! Well, most indie companies were smart not to release any new releases…BUT ONE, JUST ONE, does come to mind that should be a must see to break away from blockbuster madness!

TRANSSIBERIAN – Screenwriter/Director Brad Anderson (The Machinist, Session 9) returns to film, after trying his hand at television (Surface, Masters Of Horror). Transsiberian tells the tale of an American couple riding a Tran-Siberian train from China to Moscow. Emily Mortimer, Woody Harrelson, Kate Mara and Ben Kingsley star in this thriller that Brad Anderson promises won’t be as comedic as the 1973 film “Horror Express”.

MY HONEST OPINION: I have seen most of Brad Anderson’s work and have enjoyed the majority of it. The stellar cast is enough to get my rear in the theater. PLUS! This film is playing the Angelika! A film on a train, the Angelika…huh? I think you know what I mean!!! Friggin brilliant. You can’t ask for more. If you don’t get it, GO see this, and see it there!

That’s really it this week for Limited Release Wednesday. This is a new section of our blogging in which we will take care of you and list the new indie films that will be coming to LA and NYC. Expect to see some of them making their rounds nationwide in other indie-cinema outlets.

Well, enjoy the Dark Knight, and SEE IT ON IMAX!


15 July 2008

HELP the Zellners Brothers find GOLIATH On-Demand?!?!

Congrats to the Zellner Brothers and their massive work they have been doing for a decade now…with a few features and so many award winning shorts, the boys are now able to have EVERYONE see a FORTHQ masterpiece.

Yesterday, David Zellner announced that Goliath is on IFC Direct’s On-Demand.

I was able to grab Rex Reed by his shoulders and ask him is he is paralyzed because he stated “I don’t feel anything for this film”, see why!! This film is EVERYTHING Zellner Brothers and brilliant.

So…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Enjoy a man and his missing cat.

14 July 2008

David Redmon and Ashley Sabin start CARNIVALESQUE FILMS DVD

So Matthew Curtis (Programming Director) at the Enzian Theater and the Florida Film Festival keeps me updated on the films that have passed their offices from year to year. I have attended their festival for a decade now, and worked with them for 7 or 8, wow, how the time is flying. So when new news comes in for Matthew, usually I am the first to know. But, the best news came in this week for Florida and my friends over at Carnivalesque Films, David Redmon and Ashley Sabin. The two have started their own DVD label!!! For those who know David and Ashley are asking, “when the hell do they have time to do all this?”

In 2005, their documentary and the first release on their label, “Mardi Gras: Made In China” hit festivals, and hit HARD. A doc that follows the (teenage girls) workers of a bead-making factory in China. Beads made for necklaces that are thrown to woman who show their boobs at the annual New Orleans fest, Mardi Gras. Well, if it’s a doc, and it deals with teenage girls making next to worse than nothing, the film needs to be extremely riveting, and WOW! Their film won awards EVERYWHERE, including the (shameless plug) Grand Jury Award at Florida. Then…
2007, Redmon and Sabin made “Kamp Katrina” and they return to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina passes through, destroying homes, shops, cities, but not the hopes of survivors trying to survive day by day. Kamp Katrina portrays survivors of the devastating storm, and a closed camp who have hopes, but some scary problems at the same time. Brilliant film. A+
2008 comes and the kids are back with a new survival film of a different kind. “Intimidad” is a love film that follows a Mexican couple trying to make ends meet, just so they can get back to their daughter, who’s living with the grandparents in America. The film is still playing fests, so I won’t go too much into it. Just SEE IT! Well we asked before “how the hell do they do it?”
Ashley and David have to be in the hardest working company in film. Three massively award winning films in four years…still attending fests to meet the audience and accept their awards. Now have their own DVD LABEL, which other amazing award winning films will be distributed, and now you can finally see Mardi Gras: Made In China” on DVD, coming out on July 29th.
From their website: New news..
“Carnivalesque Films is a new production and distribution company whose goal is to explore how personal stories relate to complex social issues. David Redmon and Ashley Sabin - directors of the award winning films KAMP KATRINA and INTIMIDAD - founded Carnivalesque Films and will release three award winning films ORPHANS (Ry Russo-Young), THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS: BOUND TO LOSE (Paul Lovelace and Sam Douglas), and MANHATTAN, KANSAS (Tara Wray) on September 28, October 30, and November 16, 2008. “
Tara Wray’s Manhattan, Kansas is a must see. Tara was great at the IFP Market in NYC 3 years ago, looking for funding for the doc, and great to see how far she has come since her debut at SXSW in 2006, winning her the Audience Award.
You’ll be able to pick up Mardi Gras: Made In China (and we think you BETTER!) from Amazon, Best Buy, Borders, buy.com, etc. Also, rent online at Netflix!
Congrats KIDS! Love ya! See you soon!!!!


12 July 2008

Oh Poor Hancock...My Rant, and Review

Poor poor Hancock. Why all the bad rap? A 36% on Rottentomatoes?! Really? This film proves my theory of “If this critic hated it, it HAS to be bad!!!” Well, it’s not great. And, for the past two weeks, it has rained shit all over the new Will Smith film, so after seeing it, seriously….what the hell was everyone expecting? So, my basic 3 steps on how Hancock will NEVER get an “A Rating” from anyone.

1) Will Smith – yup, I said it. Plays the same role in every film. This was a gimmie.
2) Written by television screenwriters and producers, also TV directing from time to time. So, this means…predictable dialogue with shorter scenes, which means, a shorter film with bad character development.
3) Superhero films equal expectations. Thanks Marvel Studios, but it’s true.

So, why is Hancock getting a better rating from me than EVERY one else? Like I said, it’s not great. Is it good? To be honest, with those three reasons, then too many holes in the films plot, and a twist so predictable (M. Night your off the hook), this film was just instant eye candy. The 92 minute self absorbed alcoholic superhero film felt like an hour, so that gets a point. There were at least 12 kids in this theater out of 20 people in the seating room, and the film (for a superhero flick) threw shit, asshole, and fuck around like it was a 18 inning Houston Astros game. That gets a bigger point. Decent EFX. Plus, I was going to see Journey To the Center Of the World in 3D, but the theater didn’t have it in 3D, so we went to Hancock. NO EXPECTATIONS.
The film was never touched by MARVEL, so really, there was a plus there again. Was it targeting for kids? It has to be. No matter what Superhero film coming out right now, it’s targeted towards kids. Summer…schools out. Superhero means kids. Hancock can have his second half of his name hanging out and kids are in the seats, SUPERHEROS!!!
So for all of those who will not go see Hancock, GOOD! Perfect! Don’t! But for those who did and need some kind of explanation of why this film was SO BAD. It’s HANCOCK! Get over it. Go see The Dark Knight in 6 days. If I have to hear someone tell me Hancock was the worst film this year, you’re an idiot. Seriously!
So what did I give Hancock? Rating: C+

27 May 2008

Director/Actor Sydney Pollack dead at 73...

Sad sad morning.

I just sat down to my coffee and I start to open all my film news sites to find out Sydney Pollack has passed. As a kid Sydney Pollack hadn't directed any films that I would go "ga-ga" over, and still to this day, Out Of Africa or Tootsie aren't on my DVD shelf. But, They Shoot Horses, and The Yakuza may be something to sit down to.
It was always more Pollack's acting for me. He was loved and respected by many legendary directors like Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, and Robert Altman, whom Pollack all starred in the their widely loved and successful films. Please see Michael Clayton if you have yet to, by the way.
There is a lot of love for Sydney Pollack in the Quain house and we are very saddened to hear cancer took is life. Thank you so much, Mazel Tov on a brilliant career.

10 April 2008


Another festival and for Florida’s 17th Annual, another year has gone by. I have been attending, volunteering, selecting films, and throwing it down for eight years now. They have screened some amazing premiers, we’ve witnessed myself moderating a Q&A where a filmmaker has fainted, and drank many pitchers and pints during the midnights. This year, MANY MANY MORE (pints that is) of mind-blowing times, brilliant filmmakers, and all around genuine love from the community and the staff of Florida Film Festival. Thanks for everything.

Really quick I need to take this moment and congratulate the filmmakers who had won awards for their outstanding work. Here is a list of the winners

Grand Jury Award- Man (Myna Joesph)
Special Jury (in Ensemble Acting) – A Day’s Work (Rajeev Dassani)
Audience Award – Hole In The Paper Sky (Bill Purple)
Grand Jury (Animated) – Teat Beat of Sex (Signe Baumane)
Grand Jury (Documentary) – My Olympic Summer (Daniel Robin)

Grand Jury Award – In Search Of A Midnight Kiss (Alex Holdridge)
Special Jury (in Recognition of Directing) – Blackbird (Adam Rapp)
Audience Award – Were The World Mine (Tom Gustafson)

Grand Jury Award – Operation Filmmaker (Nina Davenport)
Special Jury (in Bold Truth) – Land Of Confusion (Jeremy Zerechak)
Audience Award – Pageant (Ron Davis & Stewart Halpern)

Amazing work and some other films that deserve a little nod from BYS:

Rainbow Around the Sun (Narrative Feature) – A lot of brilliant music, and some massive imagery on a little budget brings you 75 minutes of a great film. Catch this one when it plays your area.

Goliath (Narrative Features) – Zellner Brothers are back, but their kitty Goalith isn’t. Goliath is gone missing and a man will do anything to find him, even when he’s losing himself in the long run.

Wesley Willis’ Joyrides (Doc. Feature) – Wesley was a friend of mine, but most of all, a brilliant musician and artist on top of that. This documentary goes into the mind of the genius who’s demon voices in his head tell him different. Amazing work!

Intimidad (Doc. Feature) – David Redmon and Ashley Sabin are back and better than ever, with this gripping documentary about a Mexican couple striving to make ends meet, while trying to get back to their daughter.

Mondo Bondo (Doc. Feature) – One out of four people enjoy the act of S&M, hmmm. NOT ME! But this film does show the passion bondage fans have for the sexual lifestyle. But, like Tony, I still need an answer on why?!

Too many shorts to mention, so you’ll be able to YouTube many when we do our “Keeping It Short” section soon.

Many many thanks to all filmmakers who compassion was well received and we will all get together soon.

BYS is watching

29 March 2008

3/29/08 Opening Night Party @ Florida Film Festival

As the Florida Film Festival welcomes it’s passholders and filmmakers to it’s 17th year, we welcome you to our first and coverage of our first festival. By no mans is this my first film festival, in fact I live and breathe the festival circuit, but I have yet to post through BYS’ eyes. And what an eye opener.
Last night’s opening party at the Florida Film Festival was brilliant. This is my 8th year attending, and I must say I was skeptical of it not being at the Enzian Theater. Bah! Having it at the 15th annual’s closing night party venue the Citrus Club, this opened new doors that I am hoping will continue. This years festival will bring us their 2nd year in mixing the Enzian’s brilliant theater menu to a new level mixing food with film. Last years less than enthusiastic attempt would make anyone think there would never have been a Food/Film Festival this year. But having Anthony Bourdain here, who passes that up?
FOOD FOOD WINE AND FOOD!!!! Getting there early and in time to try every feeding station and all 8 restaurants, it was great to see old friends and meet new filmmakers. A few words with Anthony Bourdain, taking a picture or two then handing him a film by an animation couple friend of ours.
After the Opening Party, good friends of ours Bao (brilliant web and Orlando Weekly music columnist) and Jillian, sharing drinks at Matador. Great times and thank you to all filmmakers, staff and friends of the Florida Film Festival.

Sat. 3/29/08: DAY 1’s Festival Favorites:


Anthony Bourdain: Kitchen Confidential
Golaith (Narrative Feature)
Midnight Shorts

Lovely By Surprise (Narrative Feature)
Intimidad (Doc. Feature)
Spin Tingler: William Castle (Doc. Feature)

Come join BYS at Anthony Bourdain, Goliath and Midnight Shorts. See you all soon! Thanks for everything!

(BYS, We’re watching!)