20 September 2007

I.F.P. Market Blog Post #1

I would love to blow your mind with a brilliant line (quote) of a brilliant song about New York and make you feel what I am feeling now. But trying to explain myself right now it would be in the same lines as Kayne West’s gusto on his latest “Graduation” album. PRETTY EXHAUSTED and WEAK. Sorry Kayne, but please stop!
I am up here for the IFP Market in Manhattan seeing over 50+ Works In Progress’s in 3 days and will get 20 more out tomorrow to end the program. The IFP Market has hit it’s 29th Anniversary at he Angelika Theater in Manhattan and the vibe is still kicking strong. Great films, great parties, some amazing new faces and the best of the best in old faces, and we love them all.
I will post some pics in the IFP Market Wrap-Up blog. Loving it here this year, and looks like we will be seeing some of these films soon and push them to great festivals in time for Florida, SXSW or Tribeca next year.
I was able to grab a pint and see Liverpool draw to Porto, grrrrr…Pennant…the song for rings “You’ll Never Walk Again” if you act up like that again, ya putz. The famous pub is the Liverpool supporters HQ called the 11th Street Pub. But did some more drinking at Nevada Smith’s for more Champions League games. Saw the Old ‘97’s for free outside the World Trade Center with Programming Director Matthew Curtis of the Florida Film Festival and theater extraordinaire Jonathan Solari.
Seeing some people I haven’t seen in months, to 5 years, to ten years. It’s been an insane run and ready to get some sleep.
This isn’t the big IFP Blog I wanted to write, just a check in. But things are great, friends are great, films are great, but most of all films are great. In the words of Kayne West’s, in his latest single “Stronger”, two words can wrap up my final thoughts…”Me Likey.” Yup! I’m not kidding, please Kayne, STOP! Paris Hilton says “Me Likey” when she orders her 12th Gin and Tonic around midnight at a club, not a 30 year old grown male, who makes (not so hip-hop anymore) records.

Brian Quain

08 September 2007

09...08...07...HAPPY LAUNCH DAY!!!!!

We are up, midnight exactly, Corey got us up there and we are a go!

Thank you to Corey, everyone at BYS and YOU!

We are NOW Watching!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Quain

04 September 2007

BYS is looking, actually feeling better every minute

Bob Dylan claims he was stuck inside Mobile with the Memphis City blues, again. And not just once but twice, or maybe a third. He claims again, and I'm with him right now. This week has been rough for me. Some great friends of BYS went to NYC to see Daft Punk and the Beastie Boys. My friend Sarah lives in Liverpool and my friend Chris lives out of London, in Tottenham and they get to have the feel of the English Premiership League start tomorrow. So jealous!

BYS has been working their asses off for YOU of course, but we have been coming along very well. Launch date looks great and so close. 4 weeks away! You ready? We went Back To School shopping and we are setting up office, and will be ready to "get watching."

Back to Mobile, sorry. This week I got very sick, bed ridden for a great portion of it and now have to work harder. I usually don't get sick, "Mobile", and don't want to go back. Fevers came and went in weird spurts, very achy and after vials of blood was taken and an ultrasound. I am out of bed and ready to get back to Memphis City, I mean back to Before You Submit. You see how I did that, I like it!

I don't need Daft Punk (yeah, I kind of did actually) nor the Beastie Boys (lies!), NYC (are you nuts, of course I did). Being sick this week was unexpected, a downfall and makes me feel apathetic. I was in need some of major medicine and feeling better, and what comes to mind? I need what Stephen Bishop mentions in the best "makes you feel better song" of all time, "On and On".

"Down In Jamaica they got, lots of pretty women." But what follows is the pretty woman will steal your money then you heart. How can something so beautiful, destroy you in the end? The song's third verse makes you realize "Got the sun on my shoulders and toes in the sand, womans left me for an other man …he's fine." He does what he does best, writes a great love song and "On and On." The stress of work probably got me sick, but I still LOVE it, on and on.

Before You Submit to me is my own personal vacation spot and films are all I need, and what are women anyway? I have a wife and if she wasn't our money girl/peacemaker, I wouldn't even know what she looks like. More lies! We do great together with making great time for each other and getting everything done, But here is my answer to Stephen Bishop's "On and On", here in Before You Submit, we got lots of excellent films!!!!

It's good to be sitting in front of this monitor, back on the coffee and ready to tackle some Myspace, website content and some more ads put together. I miss Jason and need to get together with to work on more, so this blog post goes out to him. If he didn't notice. Ha!

MEMPHIS CITY, I mean Before You Submit!!! I am HOME!


Open Letter To The Man Upstairs

Dear Mr. Man Upstairs,

They (who?) say deaths come in three. Yesterday that's ALL I heard from news, ESPN, and people walking and talking! I do agree, it was a bizarre day to have Ingmar Bergman pass on, then we heard Tom Snyder died as well, then San Fran 49's coach Bill Walsh, who? Sorry if you like the grid iron!
Death come in threes? I guess you can say "There you go!", but for me, I felt like singing "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things..."

I even felt Tom Snyder didn't really belong in there. I don't think Criterion is picking up any Snyder episodes, unless he helped on commentary somewhere? No? Didn't think so!

Deaths come in threes?! I would like to think not in my eyes of deaths come in threes if they fit the same common bond? How does this death come in threes work? Do they need to be actors? Musicians? How do you work this!?! What if a politician dies, then a baseball legend, and famous talk show host dies? Does that work? I don't see it.

This morning I found out Michelangelo Antonioni has passed as well. Made the cult classic, 1966's Blow-Up and the last thing I do remember was him directing a decent segment to the multi-director project of segments in 2005 entitled Eros.

For me, I don't look too far into superstitions, but I do find it odd that deaths actually DO come in threes. But please....Blow-Up and Bergman's Persona both great films of '66, but what did 1966 films do to you, Mr. Man?!?!? Fred Zinnemann passed in 1997, and I don't know if From Here to Eternity or Oklahoma! make it to my Top 100 anytime soon. Why Zinnemann? Well he landed an Oscar in 1966 for Directing A Man for All Seasons. Hmmm...

Superstitions will end today for me. No more directors need to go anytime soon, please! Thank you for your time!


09-08-07 The Countdown Continues

You made a film. Now what?

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