10 April 2008


Another festival and for Florida’s 17th Annual, another year has gone by. I have been attending, volunteering, selecting films, and throwing it down for eight years now. They have screened some amazing premiers, we’ve witnessed myself moderating a Q&A where a filmmaker has fainted, and drank many pitchers and pints during the midnights. This year, MANY MANY MORE (pints that is) of mind-blowing times, brilliant filmmakers, and all around genuine love from the community and the staff of Florida Film Festival. Thanks for everything.

Really quick I need to take this moment and congratulate the filmmakers who had won awards for their outstanding work. Here is a list of the winners

Grand Jury Award- Man (Myna Joesph)
Special Jury (in Ensemble Acting) – A Day’s Work (Rajeev Dassani)
Audience Award – Hole In The Paper Sky (Bill Purple)
Grand Jury (Animated) – Teat Beat of Sex (Signe Baumane)
Grand Jury (Documentary) – My Olympic Summer (Daniel Robin)

Grand Jury Award – In Search Of A Midnight Kiss (Alex Holdridge)
Special Jury (in Recognition of Directing) – Blackbird (Adam Rapp)
Audience Award – Were The World Mine (Tom Gustafson)

Grand Jury Award – Operation Filmmaker (Nina Davenport)
Special Jury (in Bold Truth) – Land Of Confusion (Jeremy Zerechak)
Audience Award – Pageant (Ron Davis & Stewart Halpern)

Amazing work and some other films that deserve a little nod from BYS:

Rainbow Around the Sun (Narrative Feature) – A lot of brilliant music, and some massive imagery on a little budget brings you 75 minutes of a great film. Catch this one when it plays your area.

Goliath (Narrative Features) – Zellner Brothers are back, but their kitty Goalith isn’t. Goliath is gone missing and a man will do anything to find him, even when he’s losing himself in the long run.

Wesley Willis’ Joyrides (Doc. Feature) – Wesley was a friend of mine, but most of all, a brilliant musician and artist on top of that. This documentary goes into the mind of the genius who’s demon voices in his head tell him different. Amazing work!

Intimidad (Doc. Feature) – David Redmon and Ashley Sabin are back and better than ever, with this gripping documentary about a Mexican couple striving to make ends meet, while trying to get back to their daughter.

Mondo Bondo (Doc. Feature) – One out of four people enjoy the act of S&M, hmmm. NOT ME! But this film does show the passion bondage fans have for the sexual lifestyle. But, like Tony, I still need an answer on why?!

Too many shorts to mention, so you’ll be able to YouTube many when we do our “Keeping It Short” section soon.

Many many thanks to all filmmakers who compassion was well received and we will all get together soon.

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