29 March 2008

3/29/08 Opening Night Party @ Florida Film Festival

As the Florida Film Festival welcomes it’s passholders and filmmakers to it’s 17th year, we welcome you to our first and coverage of our first festival. By no mans is this my first film festival, in fact I live and breathe the festival circuit, but I have yet to post through BYS’ eyes. And what an eye opener.
Last night’s opening party at the Florida Film Festival was brilliant. This is my 8th year attending, and I must say I was skeptical of it not being at the Enzian Theater. Bah! Having it at the 15th annual’s closing night party venue the Citrus Club, this opened new doors that I am hoping will continue. This years festival will bring us their 2nd year in mixing the Enzian’s brilliant theater menu to a new level mixing food with film. Last years less than enthusiastic attempt would make anyone think there would never have been a Food/Film Festival this year. But having Anthony Bourdain here, who passes that up?
FOOD FOOD WINE AND FOOD!!!! Getting there early and in time to try every feeding station and all 8 restaurants, it was great to see old friends and meet new filmmakers. A few words with Anthony Bourdain, taking a picture or two then handing him a film by an animation couple friend of ours.
After the Opening Party, good friends of ours Bao (brilliant web and Orlando Weekly music columnist) and Jillian, sharing drinks at Matador. Great times and thank you to all filmmakers, staff and friends of the Florida Film Festival.

Sat. 3/29/08: DAY 1’s Festival Favorites:


Anthony Bourdain: Kitchen Confidential
Golaith (Narrative Feature)
Midnight Shorts

Lovely By Surprise (Narrative Feature)
Intimidad (Doc. Feature)
Spin Tingler: William Castle (Doc. Feature)

Come join BYS at Anthony Bourdain, Goliath and Midnight Shorts. See you all soon! Thanks for everything!

(BYS, We’re watching!)