18 August 2008

BYS adds another contributor...FROM THE VAULTS this week: Midnight Meat Train


BYS is always looking for experienced journalists or bloggers who love their indie films, but most of all in our very picky and critical passion...where do we start? We have some in mind, but we're looking for people who like to have great cuban food on our bill...it's not as easy as it seems.
Well, we had to look no further than local pop culture expert and always brutally honest author Liz Langley to share a great cuban sandwich and hot sauce with. We have followed her blog for a few months now, but it's her recent review of Midnight Meat Train that reeled us in. We know that Midnight Meat Train maybe playing a theater or two still, but her review was PERFECT! A must read. So good, in fact, wait til you read next weeks From The Vaults when we go into some steamy sex cinema from the 1979 (oh Penthouse Films, how did you only make one picture?), and from there we tackle controversial documentaries from the late '60's. GOOD TIMES!
But for now...PLEASE read this excellent writers blog, subscribe, and welcome Liz to our staff of writers. Liz has her hands full, and we're extremely honored that we fit like a glove.

Liz Langley's Blog:
Alice The Goon


05 August 2008

TRIP TO NYC...MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES (Gonzo, Baghead, Man On Wire)


It was great to see all of you in NYC and I was finally allowed to play some catch up on some films I NEEDED to see. I was already able to catch In Search Of A Midnight Kiss, Tell No One and Kabluey at film festivals and American Teen or The Wackness I will see next week when it hits theaters at home.
So, 3 movies in 3 days? Which ones would you see? I HAD to go to Landmark Sunshine, Angelika and I guess I will head to the Lincoln Center, so I did.
If you have been reading the blog, then you know I had to go to Landmark and see Baghead. Vanessa and I could be the press packet for the Duplass Brothers. I am VERY proud of the Duplass’ and Baghead is amazing, for what it is. It's wildly funny to see them poke fun at a genre in film festivals that they may have created. Congrats guys!
Then off to head RIGHT down the street on Houston, the Angelika to meet with my friends Chuck and Ellen. What’s great is Chuck lives right down the street from me here in Florida, and I see one film in New York, one more I had seen with him in Orlando all year. Weird. Gonzo is a must! This documentary on Hunter S. Thompson, told mostly by well, the man himself…Hunter S. Thompson (from amazing older stock footage). Dives deep and very very thought provoking.
Then, next day, Lincoln Center to see Man On Wire…YES! Pretty incredible. One man, one wire, equals Twin Towers. Nail biting in every minute, and the outcome extremely satisfying. This will be around in cities near you, for sure. Take the family.

Well, three movies is catch up? What? I know…it’s a midnight snack for me, but at least I was able to get some cool air from the NYC heat. To be honest…I HAD to catch Liverpool destroy Rangers Saturday morning, so the double feature was off. Amazing times in NYC, and thanks to everyone for taking good care of BYS.
See you in Sept.