27 May 2008

Director/Actor Sydney Pollack dead at 73...

Sad sad morning.

I just sat down to my coffee and I start to open all my film news sites to find out Sydney Pollack has passed. As a kid Sydney Pollack hadn't directed any films that I would go "ga-ga" over, and still to this day, Out Of Africa or Tootsie aren't on my DVD shelf. But, They Shoot Horses, and The Yakuza may be something to sit down to.
It was always more Pollack's acting for me. He was loved and respected by many legendary directors like Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, and Robert Altman, whom Pollack all starred in the their widely loved and successful films. Please see Michael Clayton if you have yet to, by the way.
There is a lot of love for Sydney Pollack in the Quain house and we are very saddened to hear cancer took is life. Thank you so much, Mazel Tov on a brilliant career.