09 October 2008

MSNBC and Indie Filmmaker Justin Dillon and Call + Response

What’s better than enjoying your “Morning Joe” (MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Morning Show…see how they got the name, aren’t they clever?) with coffee? With indie filmmaker and musician Justin Dillon presenting his debut documentary (rockumentary, actually) “Call + Response” with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff.
Call and Response, a daring doc coming out nationwide tomorrow. C+R tackles human trafficking and how it’s the largest moneymaker in the world. There are more slaves in the world now, than there has EVER has been before. Can you imagine the money that Starbucks, Nike and Google make combined? Well, Slave Traders makes more than that…combined!
C+R features music from Cold War Kids, Moby, Matisyahu, Imogen Heap, Talib Kweli, etc. Call and Response has an impressive list of cities on it’s opening weekend, but we can still have the film play out more. Watch the trailer, but also check out the site. www.callandresponse.com.

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