15 September 2008

KEVIN SMITH'S Q&A (ranting) at the Independent Film Week

So, some of you keep asking through the last year, “Do you think Kevin Smith saw There Will Be Blood?” My answer was always “I couldn’t give two shits to be honest”, but in a nicer manner. Then, some of you may not know the war Kevin Smith started with writer/director PT Anderson. Grab some hot cocoa, put a log on the fire, and read up.
Kevin hated “Magnolia” and the world was forced to care, through “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” Long story short. That’s about it.
Last night at the Independent Film Week in Chelsea, Manhattan, Kevin Smith was to speak to the indie filmmakers and us Industry folk about 15 years after “Clerks” and him screening at their IFP Market. Well, he briefly mentioned it, but did his usual Q&A (same questions same answers, but this time he had Zack and Miri to promote). After an hour and forty five minutes, there was room for one more question. I spoke up. I asked the famous “What did you think of There Will be Blood, and is the bullshit between you and Paul Thomas Anderson over?”
He went on this 5 minute explanation about Magnolia, and it was shit, then Punch Drunk Love and that was shit, then explain meeting Paul at the doctors office and realizing, “he was a stand up guy.” He went on to mention “Jay and Silent Bob…” and how that movie could be very self-indulgent (sure) and that in the long run…”There Will Be Blood should have won the Academy Award last year! Thanks! Goodnight!”
There ya go friends, I asked for ya, and there’s your answer. PT 2; KS 0. Off to party it up! I can’t wait to blog about the films and filmmakers I am meeting. But really quick, a shout out to Nashville Film Festival and Mandy McBroom. It’s always nice to meet amazing people on the festival circuit.