15 October 2008



Hey Everybody,

In a few hours, Madonna and film screenwriter.director Guy Ritchie will be calling it quits, divorcing after all the rumors are true. My plan of attack has finally met it’s day, and a divorce means I can finally get in there. So, as the news trickles down, I will use this time to pack my bags and see if I can finally get my chance. No no no, I don’t care about Madonna, sure she looks fit and still sings “Lucky Star” when she tours, but it’s Ritchie I need to speak to.
To think of talking to Ritchie while married to Madonna was a “no no”, I could never say “Guy, between you and I, this woman is bringing you down as a creative thinker.” It would be as pointless as you persuading your friend away from his succubus. It never flies, and you two are no longer friends, then when she leaves him and he’s got nothing, he calls you, and blah blah blah. Percy Sledge sang it best in “When A Man Loves A Woman”, sure it’s cliché and I’ll not be quoting the song. But, GUY, call me! I’m still here.
Now now, I know some of you are saying “who gives a shit about Guy Ritchie as a director?” I DO! This man showed some huge potential with “Lock, Stock…” and “Snatch”, and then he meets Madonna and promises “I’ll never put her in one of my films”, and the next film on his roster was the MASSIVE BOMB “Swept Away”, with newlywed Madonna. But, here’s why I give a shit…
This isn’t me saying Guy Ritchie was to be the next Paul Thomas Anderson, a young and a brilliant creative writer/director. Would Guy Ritchie EVER make a “There Will Be Blood?” Probably not. BUT! When Guy Ritchie is able to put his name on the map for “gangster” film as John Carpenter does to “horror”, we need to talk. Sure you can branch out, listen to our PODCAST this week…”Jumping Genres” helps from time to time. But not when you USE YOUR WIFE as a “muse” as you liked calling her…it’s Madonna, Guy, we have our own thoughts of her. As if she would have it any other way.
Sure, Ritchie may be back with his latest film “RockNRolla” and let’s see what critics say to boost this man’s ego and film making. But, can he keep it up after a decade of making a film with an impact. “Revolver” you say? Let’s put this man’s last ten years to rest and see what happens, I think we see “The Thing” or “In The Mouth Of Madness” forming for Ritchie.

Good luck!




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